If you haven’t yet watched stranger things, the following won’t make much sense.

Does it feel like you’re working for a CA firm better suited for the 1980s? Are there rooms with smoke-stained wallpaper and files up to the roof gathering dust? Or old technology that will need more than electricity to revive it?

Do you wake up in cold sweats from nightmares of a cut-throat environment where your colleagues act more like Demodogs than people you would like to spend a third of your life with? Or is this your reality?

Is your boss a forward-thinking, business-savvy, and approachable individual? Or are they hell-bent on dragging you to The Upside-Down?

Do you sit clock-watching, waiting for the world to swallow you up? Or do you have a favourite tune that acts to light up the darkness that is your work life?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, it might be time to channel your inner Kate Bush. Start running up that hill,  make a deal with God, or get someone to swap in your place! Here at Tyler Wren Career Experts, we can help you find a boss like Hopper, friendships like Dustin and Steve’s, and people with Eddie’s loyalty!

I can help pull you back from The Upside Down and into the real world. Get in touch:

Ben Holloway
03 244 0258 | bholloway@tylerwren.co.nz

Check out our latest roles, salary guide and news on our website and get in touch to talk about your current situation. Just be careful, as the KGB will be listening.
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