Classic first interview situations…

You’ve been working with your specialist recruiter and through their contacts across your industry. You’ve covered first interview situations and possible scenarios. They’ve discovered an opening in a great company. The role looks like the perfect next step in your career! Your recruiter has got you to interview number one, and now the ball is in your court. You know you can do the job and you perform really well on the technical interview questions. Now one interviewer looks at the other; ‘I think that’s all from me, how about you Sheryl?’ ‘I’ve got everything I need Giles’ smiles Sheryl ‘have you got any questions for us?’ 

I think everyone’s been in this situation in an interview. Whether you feel it’s gone well or not, it’s tempting to think that this last question is just a formality. You breathe an internal sigh of relief, shake your head, smile, shake hands, and make your exit. There’s a question that comes to mind, but you’ll ask that to the empty lift as you hit the ‘Ground Floor’ button. DON’T! This question is a final opportunity to do two things at once. 1. Display knowledge of and interest in the organisation you’re looking to join, and 2. Show a commitment to the organisation You don’t want any job. You want the right job. 

Be ready for first interview situations. Do your prep!

Think back to the conversations you had with your recruiter about your long-term career goals and aspirations. In conversation with your recruiter you’ve already built up an understanding of the business you’re interviewing with, you know your industry, so take this opportunity to get an insight into someone who might just end up being your boss in four weeks’ time.

This question is the only one you absolutely know WILL be asked, so you can think about your question(s) in advance. If you use the right phrasing you can show your interviewer(s) that your career goals and their business align, that you’re thinking long-term, you’re informed and curious about their business, and need to be satisfied that this is the right match for you.

If you want a hand finding and making the best out of your next dream opportunity by nailing first interview situations, drop me a line! Next time someone asks that question, take it at face value, engage with it and make the right impression.