The Design and Build team at Tyler Wren has been working to put together our 2022-23 Engineering and Building Consultancy salary guide. The salary guide consists of market research and data collated from clients and candidates across the Engineering and Building Consultancy industries in New Zealand and Australia. 

In this article we look into the critical findings from our recent salary survey that will benefit both candidates and clients. In a market that is adjusting to a new normal where employers are more actively looking to accommodate a shift in priorities from employees. We’ve seen candidates gravitate towards opportunities that offer more flexibility, higher superannuation, and set bonus incentives.

To collate data for this Engineering and Building Consultancy salary guide, we gathered information from individuals from various firms across New Zealand and Australia, such as

  • 25% large multinational engineering firms
  • 35% national multidisciplinary firms
  • 12% medium sized firms with multiple offices
  • 28% Smaller firms with less than 20 staff

What are employees looking for from a company?

We asked our survey participants to choose the benefits that are important to them. 47% of respondents ranked work-from-home/flexibility as most important, followed by KiwiSaver / Superannuation and bonus schemes.  We’re also finding candidates are putting a high weighting on development and progression, as well as how businesses are set up to manage resources, especially in areas where finding staff is difficult.

Engineering and Building Consultancy benefits guide

Salary increases and how this has looked over the past 12 months

Salaries have increased substantially across the majority of roles within the sector. Businesses are competing to attract and retain staff, as well as the added pressure of the rising cost of living. We have seen over 60% of salaries increase by more than $5,000. To further dissect that figure almost 40% of salaries grew by $10,000 or more. Employers are faced with the challenge of attempting to attract new candidates to their business, in a highly competitive salary market, whilst balancing internal relativity and charge-out rates on projects.

Engineering and Building Consultancy salaries

A third of the respondents have changed companies in the last year, and a third intend to do so in the next 12 months. Due to this, we anticipate seeing a further shift within the sector as businesses look to attract and fill critical needs.

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The Design & Build salary guide is now available 

The Design & Build Salary Guide covers consultancy positions within Engineering and Building Consultancy firms across New Zealand and Australia. Please follow this link to receive a copy of the 2022-2023 salary guide. Here at Tyler Wren, we know good people know good people. If you refer someone to Tyler Wren, whom we secure a new role for, we offer a voucher of *$600. Click here to refer a friend