You have been building your experience and setting some good goals now build your brand:

You’ve secured over two years of legal practice experience and have demonstrated the foundational skills to be a solid lawyer. It is never too early to start building your brand and your client base. Everyone has to start somewhere when it comes to building a brand and a network. The sooner you start, the sooner you will gain momentum. 

Below are some tips on how to do this. 


Secure Client Testimonials:

Positive client testimonials or reviews on the lawyer’s website or other online platforms can indicate a strong track record in handling cases. Clients may highlight the lawyer’s effectiveness in resolving disputes, communication skills, and overall satisfaction with the legal representation.


Hold Memberships in Professional Associations and Groups: 

Membership in reputable professional associations, specialist groups, commercial chambers, government assisted associations, charities, political parties and clubs will build networks and your profile in the public eye. The community law centre can be a good place to start. 


Engage in doing Publications and Speaking Engagements: 

Lawyers who contribute articles to legal publications, present at industry conferences, or speak at seminars and workshops related to law demonstrate expertise and thought leadership in the field. 


Representation in Relevant Forums: 

Experienced lawyers may have a history of representing clients in relevant forums such as the Fair Work Commission, the Human Rights Commission, or state-based industrial relations tribunals. Mentions of successful cases or outcomes in these forums can be indicative of your expertise in the law.


Referrals from Other Lawyers: 

Referrals from other legal professionals, such as general practitioners or lawyers in different practice areas, can be a sign of recognition within the legal community. Lawyers referring clients to a specialist lawyer often do so based on trust in their competence and reliability. So, it is important to build these circles of other practitioners.

Referrals from Other Professionals:

Referrals from other professionals also expand your networks. You can build these relationships depending on your expertise with certain other bodies or experts. Some examples are Accountants –  Estate Agents, Wealth Advisors, HR Consultants, Construction Engineers, and Immigration Consultants. Depending on the work you want to secure, it will assist you in navigating which other professionals you will target.


Continuing Education and Professional Development: 

Participate in continuing education programs, workshops, and seminars focused on law updates and developments. This indicates a commitment to staying current with evolving legal trends and best practices in the field.

If you have any questions or want further discussion about how building your brand will add to your career development as well as your salary (get our latest guide here).

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