If you are an experienced Front-End Construction lawyer, then now is the time to be making the move to Australia. 

Whether you are an Australian or NZ Qualified Lawyer currently based overseas, or an international candidate keen to explore a move, your skills are in demand. With some of Australia’s current construction projects ranging up to $16billion, it is no wonder that we have seen a growth in the demand for Front-End Construction lawyers. 

But what exactly is the role of a Front-End Construction Lawyer? What key projects are happening now in Australia? Which types of roles are available and where? What should you do if a move is of interest? Let’s answer some of these questions. 

What is the role of a Front-End Construction Lawyer?

With any building (development or construction) project, legal advice is critical throughout the whole stage of the project lifecycle, drawing on specialist knowledge from the right person at the right time. 

“Front-end” refers to the start of the process, when the project is in the concept stage.  Advice would be required from all stakeholders involved, such as developers and property owners, as well as contractors and consultants. Due diligence would be done and contracts, tenders, negotiations, planning, risks, and conditions would be covered, with contracts drafted, reviewed, and agreed to ensure a workable framework before the project is underway. Advice could be given on payment schemes, contractor appointments, design contracts, insurance requirements, legal requirements, and competition laws. Each project can bring its own unique set of challenges and project structure. 

A Front-End Construction Lawyer needs a good working knowledge of construction legislation and regulations, a strong communication style (as you will work with a real range of legal and nonlegal professionals), excellent contract drafting, negotiating and reviewing skills, relationship building skills, and a good working knowledge of the construction industry as a whole. 

What key projects are happening in Australia right now for a Front-End Construction Lawyer ? 

Some of the largest infrastructure projects include:

  • WestConnex (NSW), $16 Billion
  • Sydney Metro (NSW), $12 Billion
  • Melbourne Metro Tunnel (VIC), $11 Billion
  • West Gate Tunnel (VIC), $10 Billion
  • Melbourne Airport Rail Link (VIC), $10 Billion
  • Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail (National), $9.3 Billion, Bruce Highway Upgrade Program (QLD), $8.5 Billion
  • Cross River Rail (QLD), $5.4 Billion
  • Western Sydney Airport (NSW), $5.3 Billion
  • Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan (NSW), $4.4 Billion
  • METRONET (WA), $3 Billion

What roles are currently available and where?

Associate/Senior Associate – Front-End Construction  – Top Tier Firm – Melbourne

Senior Associate  – Front-End Construction – Mid Tier Firm – Brisbane

Associate – Front-End Construction – Mid Tier Firm – Sydney

Associate/Senior Associate Construction  – Top Tier Firm – Melbourne

Construction/Infrastructure and Projects – Senior Associate – Sydney

Associate/Senior Associate Front-End Projects  – Mid Tier Firm – Perth

Construction and Infrastructure Senior Associate – Mid Tier Firm  – Sydney

Construction and Infrastructure Senior Associate/Special Counsel – – Mid Tier firm  –  Melbourne

Lawyer  – Construction and Infrastructure – 3-5 years PQE -Mid Tier Firm – Melbourne

Construction Lawyer  – Associate/Senior Associate – 5-7 years PQE – Melbourne

Front-End Construction Lawyer – Mid Tier Firm – Brisbane

Senior Associate – Projects & Construction Front-End – Top Tier Firm – Melbourne

Project Senior Lawyers – Front-End  – Mid Tier Firm – Melbourne

Project Senior Lawyers – Front-End  – Mid Tier Firm – Sydney 

Construction and Major Projects Solicitor/Senior Solicitor – 4+PQE  – Top Tier Firm –  Auckland

Front-End Construction Solicitor  – Top Tier Firm – Auckland CBD

Construction Lawyer   – Top Tier Firm – Wellington

Construction Solicitor/Senior Solicitor – 3+ Years PQE – Top Tier Firm – Auckland

Property and Construction Lawyer – 4+ years PQE – Top Tier Firm – Auckland

And these are only the roles that are advertised – we haven’t even started to work proactively on your behalf yet!

What should you do if a move is of interest? 

If you are looking for a move then drop me a line.  As you can see from the list above, your skills are in demand.  Call for an initial chat to talk through your skills, experience, and requirements and we can talk you through which opportunity/firm could be the right fit for you. 

Vikki Cox – vcox@tylerwren.co.nz

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