1 Utilising Job Boards is one method to find staff and employers use different channels that suit the way that they recruit.

2 Some do not like to advertise that they need staff due to a variety of reasons from not wanting their competitors or clients to find out that they may have a skill gap.

3 Partners like to explore their own network of connections.

4 Good recruiters offer headhunt and network searches on their clients’ behalf and often can attract candidates that a one dimensional ad can’t. They can also conduct confidential candidate searches for them and in some cases, a firm will create a role if they receive the profile of someone whom they think can add serious value to their firm.

What does this mean for you?

Job boards can offer great overall insight into the market and give you access to opportunities with SOME of those firms who use this channel to hire staff, but what about the other firms who do not?

Simply put, if you are interested or actively looking for a new career opportunity you are not exploring all of your options by just engaging with Job Boards. In addition, when you apply through a Job Board are you fully aware of the person that you might be working for, what the team is like, the workflows and opportunities and whether it is a great “fit” for you.

Currently, the Tyler Wren Legal Team has over 30 legal opportunities in New Zealand and over 50 in Australia and that is without us hitting one of our peak recruitment times being February through to Easter.