As I entered my tenth year in external recruitment, I reflected on my journey from white-collar construction management to accounting and finance. While scrolling through old photos, I saw an image of a colleague untangling her phone cord ☎️, which made me realise that a decade brings significant change.

Communication Methods

In the early days, phone calls dominated communication. However, the landscape has evolved, embracing alternatives like text messages, WhatsApp, and electronic platforms. There are some studies that show 9 out of 10 members of Gen Z would rather text than talk on the phone, with some having a real phobia of phone calls.

Interview Methods

In-person interviews were once the norm, but virtual interviews via platforms like MS Teams and Zoom are gaining prominence. While efficient, digital interactions may sacrifice depth.  Some recruiters are even trying to bypass the meeting altogether, although this usually leads to miscommunication and confusion, so I wouldn’t recommend this and isn’t something I do.

Work Location

The traditional office setup changed with the Covid-19 pandemic. While I can’t speak for construction, I recently ran a LinkedIn poll that revealed that only 25% of accountants work exclusively from the office five days a week, highlighting the widespread adoption of remote work options.

Work Benefits

The conversation around work benefits has evolved beyond salary discussions. Today, enticing perks like nine-day fortnights, extended maternity leave, and fully remote roles contribute to more compelling employment packages.

Dress Code

Strict adherence to formal dress codes is a thing of the past. Professionals now tailor their attire to the demands of the day, embracing a more relaxed yet polished approach. Smart-casual ensembles have replaced rigid conventions.


Technological advancements have revolutionised recruitment, replacing desktops and wired phones with laptops, VOIP, and Bluetooth headsets. The archaic fax machine is replaced by streamlined processes, aligning with modern expectations.

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