The current situation

It’s well known that the international borders being closed has had a huge impact on New Zealand accounting jobs. The past couple of years have put a huge amount of strain on a wide range of Kiwi businesses. 

For New Zealand based accounting firms these times have been particularly challenging. The majority of firms are usually heavily reliant on hiring skilled candidates from overseas. This simply hasn’t been an option since the international borders have been closed. 

It’s been a frustrating time as employees have been able to leave New Zealand but international candidates have been unable to enter the country to replace them. This has put pressure on remaining staff members to manage their ever increasing workloads and hit deadlines.

The good news

The good news is that from the beginning of this month we’ve seen a positive change. New Zealand’s international borders have now reopened to 60 different visa waiver countries

The market is full of exceptional New Zealand accounting jobs right now. However, these roles will soon get filled once international candidates arrive in the country. Positions will be filled even quicker due to the borders set to fully open two months ahead of schedule on July 31st at 11:59pm

Recently we have been extremely busy speaking to a large number of candidates from qualifying countries around the world. Some Kiwi Returners are looking to come home to New Zealand to rejoin friends and family. Whilst our overseas workforce is looking to experience this beautiful country for the first time.

It’s been insightful having conversations with people from all walks of life and time zones! We’ve enjoyed finding out more about people’s experience and what their dream role in New Zealand would look like. What’s been even better though is the rewarding sense of achievement we get from helping people to turn their dream role into a reality!

Success Stories!

  • An Audit Assistant Manager working for Big Four in the UK was looking for opportunities in Wellington. This is where their partner used to live and has family currently living there. We have helped them to secure an offer as an Audit Assistant Manager at a Mid Tier firm. This will give them a better work life balance. So they can enjoy their Kiwi lifestyle and their new employer is also financially assisting with relocation costs.
  • A Tax Manager working for Big Four in Ireland that has been interested in moving to New Zealand since 2020. Back then they were looking at moving to Auckland with a friend who is currently living there now. They are currently exploring multiple opportunities available within Big Four and Mid Tiers across the country. They are now in the process of deciding whether to continue to specialise in one tax type or broaden their skill set further.
  • A Senior Auditor working for a Mid Tier in Fiji was open to opportunities in Auckland. They had visited previously and fell in love with New Zealand. We have now successfully secured them a Senior Audit role at a Mid Tier firm. The employer has paid for their Visa. They are looking forward to a better work life balance so they can pursue one of their passions which is painting.

How we can help you with New Zealand Accounting Jobs

Maybe you are reading this from overseas and considering a life changing move to New Zealand.

Perhaps you are already in New Zealand and considering your next step to progress your career.

Either way it would be great for you to make contact with our team and discuss the best options available to you. 

We are actively recruiting right now for exceptional roles in Business Advisory Services, Audit, Tax, Corporate Finance and Insolvency. Our clients are some of the best firms in New Zealand from Big Four, Mid Tiers, large internationals through to boutique firms.

To find out more about our accounting services and how we can help you feel free to get in touch today!

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