In today’s competitive job market, especially in the legal, accounting, banking, insurance, financial services, risk and compliance sectors, the need to streamline and accelerate your hiring process is more critical than ever. New Zealand, like many other countries, faces the challenges of a candidate-short market and the emigration of skilled employees to foreign shores. But fear not, there are proven ways to speed up your hiring process and secure top talent efficiently.

1. Define Clear Job Requirements

The first step to a faster hiring process is clarity. Define the precise skills, experience, and qualifications you’re seeking in a candidate. Working with a specialist recruiter who understands the nuances of your industry is invaluable. They can help you fine-tune your job requirements, ensuring that you’re not only specific but also realistic. Their insights can minimise the chances of attracting mismatched candidates and expedite the screening process.


2. Leverage Technology 

Modern recruitment tools and systems can be your best friends. Tyler Wren has access to advanced recruitment technology and platforms, further automating and streamlining the hiring process. They can implement applicant tracking systems and tools designed for your specific sector, enhancing efficiency. We help you focus your time on the most critical parts of the hiring process.


3. Streamline Interviewing

Traditional multiple-round interviews can consume a lot of time. Instead, consider using panel interviews or video interviews, which allow you to evaluate candidates more quickly. Tyler Wren has the requisite expertise to understand the industry-specific competencies needed for the role, and will pre-screen applicants – this means you only get presented with the highest quality candidates. With our help, you can swiftly identify top talent who meet your firm’s unique demands, and further accelerate your hiring process.


4. Cultivate a Talent Pipeline

Don’t wait until a position becomes vacant to start your search. Recruitment specialists such as Tyler Wren have extensive networks in your sector. They can continuously scout for talent, building and maintaining a talent pipeline on your behalf. When a position opens, they can present you with a pool of pre-screened, industry-experienced candidates, drastically reducing the time to fill a role.


5. Outsource to Experts

Collaborating with specialist recruitment agencies such as Tyler Wren specialising in your sector can be a game-changer. They have insider knowledge, access to industry-specific databases, and the ability to spot and attract top talent quickly. By outsourcing your recruitment needs to professionals who understand your industry, you can expedite the hiring process without sacrificing quality.


The New Zealand Challenge

In the New Zealand market, the urgency to speed up hiring processes is accentuated by a candidate shortage and the outflow of skilled employees. According to recent data, industries like finance and legal services in New Zealand have experienced a higher demand for talent than the local supply can meet. This makes the adoption of efficient hiring practices even more critical.

Efficient hiring is not just about filling positions quickly; it’s about securing the best talent that fits your organisation’s needs. In professional services, where skills and expertise are paramount, speed should not compromise quality. The strategies mentioned above are proven ways to expedite your hiring process without sacrificing the integrity of your talent acquisition efforts.


Gain the Advantage in Securing Top Talent

The competitive landscape of the professional services sector in New Zealand demands innovation and speed in your hiring process. By implementing these practices, you’ll not only find the right talent swiftly but also add significant value to your organisation. With specialist recruiters by your side, you’re not only accelerating your hiring but also gaining a considerable advantage in securing top talent.

Are you ready to accelerate your hiring process and secure top talent in record time? Implement these strategies, and you’ll be well on your way to success.  If you want to benchmark your salaries and benefits for your staff, download our salary guides here.


Speak with the Tyler Wren team today about our ability to access specialist skillsets that best compliment your resource requirements in the current candidate short market. 


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