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Article created for Capital Letter

Legal head hunting important in New Zealand Negative reactions by law firms who lose a valued staff member to a competitor appear to have reduced over time, says legal recruiter Lisa Gray of specialist professional recruitment firm Tyler Wren. “Ten years ago firms...

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Unlocking Lockdown Opportunities

Article written by Chris Jones - Recruitment Consultant - CA Team I was born in the 80’s. Looking back, 2019 was drawing to a close and we moved closer to the year 2020. When I was growing up, this year had (for some reason) held visions of an all-new futuristic age....

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The importance of Risk Governance

Recruiting in a skilled-shortage market that is in-demand and is continuously evolving is always intriguing and exciting - the risk & compliance market is currently heated and with the borders being closed it makes the New Zealand market very competitive. One...

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Warrant of Fitness for your Career

Why? When an engine light appears on your dashboard, you get your car checked and for general upkeep, you also get a Warrant of Fitness every 12 months. The majority of us try and get a physical health check for ourselves and our loved ones once a year and our Bank...

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In House VS Firms – Where is your career taking you?

The age-old debate between working In-House For Corporates vs Law Firms has always been a tough choice to make and 2021 is bringing this to the forefront of Lawyers' minds even further. Many people question where their career should take them? Where would you learn...

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How to step into your next senior Risk & Compliance role

As I was busy putting together our July 2021 team TW month-end wrap up over the weekend, it dawned on me that we have five months until the end of this year. That is 22 weeks to Christmas! Where has the time flown? Across all of our specialist verticals of Financial...

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In this rapidly changing market, our Legal Team has noted a major spike in the RMA/Construction and Property Legal jobs market and this is New Zealand wide.  There is a particular demand for those with 3-6 years of experience who can demonstrate experience with...

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Secure your dream role through a recruiter.

Lawyers are often looking for new opportunities to springboard their legal career. Sometimes these opportunities can be found by looking for jobs on popular job boards but the best course of action is to approach a legal recruiter.  Law firms simply do not have the...

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What to do with an Engineering recruitment specialist

As we come to the halfway point of 2021, it’s a good opportunity to think about what July has to offer. For most, they will think that the days now begin to stay lighter for longer, the Trans Tasman bubble opens up the prospect of having an international holiday,...

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